Section 53:2, approx. 3 km
Källvik jetty: GPS N 58°46.712'   E 017°29.096'

The sectionen on Sävö offers pleasant walking in a typical archipelago landscape. Restoration has been carried out on Sävö to recreate the old agricultural landscape. Cows and sheep graze freely and peacefully on the island. This is a pastoral idyll worth remembering during dark winter evenings.

The trail starts on the south side of the island, by the old pilot station. The outlook tower still remains and is now a small museum, well worth a visit. Behind the old pilot dwellings, now a youth hostel, are some very old majestic oaks. They are valuable habitats for birds, bats, masses of insects, as well as lichens and mosses. Stop and take a closer look at the trees. After passing the pilot area, follow the path to the left and you will come to the hilliest part of the island. The trail takes us up on the Kikarberget cliff, which offers fantastic views across the Sörmland archipelago. In fine weather, you can see as far as the Landsort lighthouse to the east. Closest to you is the interesting bay Tvären, which was formed a very long time ago by a meteorite impact. On the other side of the sound, you see some lovely old, red buildings which were once the Säfsundet Inn. These buildings standing on Långö are now a private summer residence. Along the trail are several enormous boulders; so called glacial erratics.

The trail continues along the steep cliff wall and passes pollarded deciduous trees, fences and a hay meadow, which in summer is extremely flower-rich. After the meadow, you can make a detour to a fine bathing place. There, you will also find fireplaces for grilling and a boat jetty. The trail continues through a forested area. After a short distance, another detour is signposted; a path leading down to a wind shelter with fireplace, enclosed by an attractive old fence, and a privy. The area is also good for camping. The trail turns to the east and passes the hill Oxhagsberget, through the forest and out on a coastal meadow. From here, you can see the overnight cottage at the bay Boholmsviken, where you also find a jetty and rocks for bathing. Just before you reach the cottage is a privy. From here, the trail continues to the south in hilly terrain along the cliffs on the eastern side of the island, passing Stella Maris (a protective spirit, whose skirt has become an unusual wind shelter) and then through forest past Sävö Farm, which is worth a small detour. Sävö Farm is idyllically situated, wrapped in leafy greenery and surrounded by a garden with a lot of exotic plants. The old cowshed has been converted and is now used as an outdoor education centre (Sörmlandskustens Naturskola). From here, the trail continues through the forest and out onto the road leading back to the old pilot station, where we started.

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Sävö Nature Reserve    Stella Maris (an unusual wind shelter - in Swedish).