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56. Trosa - Tullgarns slott, 20 km

Start: N 58°53.997' E 017°32.788'. No parking at information board/section map.
Skärmskydd: Anderviken - N 58°54.657' E 017°35.873'

After you have done Trosa and enjoyed the famous walk along the small stream, it is time for new adventures in Tullgarn. The first kilometers are the streets and roadwalks through the outskirts of Trosa. Then comes pretty paths by the shoreline and after about 8 km you will arrive at Stensund.

After Stensund the trail continues in hilly terrain and varied landscape towards Anderviken. On the mountain there is a wind protection. Before you arrive at Komötet you pass an old lime mine. At Komötet you can swim.

Soon you will reach a road, where you can choose a round loop around Furholmsberget hill and the remains of an ancient castle. Stunning views of the bays, Näsets nature reserve and to the east a glimpse of the masts near Nynäshamn.

In beautiful forest terrain the trail continues, you will come up to Pilskogsbergen with magnificent views over the bay and the castle Tullgarn, which once was King Gustav V's summer residence.

After another walk in the woods (after Pilskogsberget), you will come down to a road, which after a few kilometers walk reaches the end of stage 56 of Sörmlandsleden and Tullgarn castle. If you are lucky, you are just in time for a castle tour.

NOTE! Be sure to follow the Sörmlandsleden trail markings - orange markings on trees, poles and arrows! NOT occurring metal markers in similar color!

Trosa    Tullgarn Palace


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