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8. Brotorp - Östertälje , 13 km

Start: N 59°10.341' E 017°47.954'. Parking at Brosjöbadet, about 400 metres from the section start.
SL bus to Bergudden stop (Botkyrka), then about 100 metres south on road 226 (Dalvägen) until the start of the section.

The section starts downhill towards the beach at Lake Brosjön, where fresh water and toilets are available during summer. From the beach, the trail continues west to Malmsjödal with the housing area Vårsta on one side and active farming on the other. Nightingales can sometimes be heard in the alder trees. The trail continues from Malmsjödal across road 225 and through a 600 metres long avenue to Malmsjö manor.

A nice resting place in the beginning of the section is Vinterskogens nature reserve.

After about one kilometre the trail turns into the woods, passing good outlooks and thereafter along ditches on farmland and across the road towards Tyttinge. The trail continues through a wooded area and down to road 225, Nynäshamnsvägen. Here, the trail follows the road for 2-3 kilometres, although in beautiful surroundings, and then continues into the woods under the power lines.

You can either continue on the lowland or make a small detour up to an outlook, with cairns from the Bronze Age and seats from where you can admire the countryside. Well worth the effort!

The trail continues along the edge of another field, taking you to the 18th century cottage Skarmanstorp. The trail then follows part of the Östertälje exercise track, and continues on roads and in woods passing the tall chimney of Igelsta power plant.

Now one hill remains before the section end at road 225, close to Östertälje sports ground. From this junction it is one kilometre to Östertälje station where commuter trains and buses depart.

Parking is possible at a gravel spot, about 150 metres south of where the sections 8 and 9 meet.


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