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7. Lida friluftsgård - Brotorp, 6,5 km

Start: N 59 ° 09,812 'E 017 ° 52,881'. Parking..
Shelter: Lida - N 59 ° 09,678 'E 017 ° 52,569' and Getaren (via the wetland) - N 59 ° 09,388 'E 017 ° 52,067'
Water: Tap at Lida - N 59° 09.796' E 017° 52.903'

This is an easy-to-walk section, criss-crossed by a number of other trails in the area of Lida recreation area. NB: Take care to follow Sörmlandsleden’s S-marked arrows.

After about one kilometre the trail comes to a junction. Section 62 connects here. If you continue along the trail, you’ll arrive back to this point after about a month! Many people have walked the entire route, but usually in shorter successive stages. Those who have done it, have really got to know the county of Sörmland.

There are several inviting resting areas along this section.

It’s possible to buy supplies at Vårsta, and bus stops are found at the end of the section at road 225. About 500 metres west, close to the trail, is Lake Brosjön with a well-arranged beach.

Lida recreation area


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