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6:1. Huddinge C - Hökärr, Section 6, 13 km

Info: Sörskogen - N 59°13.695' E 017°59.050' or Visättra - N 59°12.837' E 017°57.585'
Water: Pump at Scoutstugan Nytorp - N 59°10.959' E 017°58.612'

This is an easy-to-walk section alternating between roads and slightly hilly terrain, passing a number of ancient fortresses. On the hill above Mariedalsvägen you find a trinity well, however, now running dry. A trinity well always flows toward north and was used as a sacrificial site.

The trail passes the cottage Brodal at Flemingsberg Bay, where there are no less than three ancient fortresses in the vicinity. From Brodal, the section continues west, turning south on a walkway at Visättra leading into hilly and rocky woodland to Stenberg, where there once was a cottage.

The trail follows Lidavägen about 1.5 km to Kvarnvägen and passes the remains of Gladö mill, dating from 1330. It then leaves the road and turns into the woodland, and later follows the shore of Lake Kvarnsjön. The terrain becomes hillier at Nytorp and the trail passes the Kvarnsjö plateau, 93 metres above sea level. The trail continues downhill and rounds Lake Kärrsjön.

The trail follows a boundary line south of the lake and after arriving at a cairn at the Valtertummaberget plateau, turns southwest and crosses a forest track. About 300 metres later, the trail connects to section 6. Turning right will take you to Lida and turing left takes you to Paradiset.  


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