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60. Viad - Berga vägskäl, 7,5 km

Start: N 59°06.720' E 017°41.858'. No parking.
Shelter: Stora Träsket - N 59°07.090' E 017°42.744'
Water: Fresh water springs after around 2 km - N 59°07.139' E 017°42.399', around 3,5 km - N 59°07.303' E 017°43.158' and around 6,5 km - N 59°07.810' E 017°44.910'

Immediately after the start there is a fine beach for swimming. The trail then follows a rocky path along
Hallsfjärden for about one kilometre and before veering off up into Hallsveden Forest. At Lake Stora Träsket there is a wind shelter. The shelter a little further on was built by the "Peter Momma" scout troop.

Later Bondberga burial ground, is passed, one of the largest in the Stockholm area. After a Bronze Age cairn the main road is reached and the bus stop for bus 727 towards Tumba.


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