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6. Paradiset - Lida friluftsgård, 12 km

Start: N 59°09.250' E 018°01.374'. Parking.
Shelter: Paradiset - N 59°09.208' E 018°01.404' and former Kvarnsjön - N 59°09.693' E 017°56.805'
Vatten: Pump at Paradiset - N 59°09.232' E 018°01.329', spring at former Kvarnsjön - N 59°09.682'   E 017°56.856' and tap at Lida - N 59° 09.796' E 017° 52.903'

From this section paths start toward Huddinge, section 6:1, and toward Nynäshamn, section 5:3. Ruins from old cottages bear witness to the time when our forests were populated. The countryside is both varied and rich in vegetation. A longer part of the path follows a road.

When you arrive at the drained Lake Kvarnsjön you enter an area of great geological and zoological values. Here you also find a picnic place. Just after the former Lake Kvarnsjön, a bit north of the path, you find a stream that meanders along a broad ravine bottom toward Lake Bysjön which is a kettle hole. Thousands of years ago, when the rivers of melt water shaped the boulder ridges,large icebergs were often embedded into the gravel. When the ice melted, crater-like cavities were formed.

South of the path in the Pålamalm area there are additional kettle holes, one of which is among the largest in Sweden with a depth of 31 metres. After a walk along the stream Bockån the path rounds Lake Getaren and finds its way up on a plateau with beautiful views over the surroundings, just before the section endl.

Friends of Paradiset Hanveden (in Swedish only)  Lida recreation area


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