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59. Skanssundet - Viad, 10 km

Start: N 59°02.915' E 017°41.219'. Parking.

The trail begins by following a major and minor path for around 3 km in the open countryside including a meadow protected by the Society for Nature Conservation.

After that the trail comes up in to Näslandsskogen (forest) which was burned in 1719 by the Russians. Here lay Näs village which was later rebuilt and now is a good example of an 18th century village.

From Höglundsåsen (ridge) there is a magnificent view over the bays which form the approaches to Södertälje. We recommend this place for a rest. To the west beyond Hallsfjärden Brandalslunds Manor is visible. Further on the main building at Viad farm, built in 1860, can be seen. For the last kilometre the trail goes through farmed fields and meadows.


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