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58. Kasholmen, Mörkö - Skanssundet, 10,5 km

Start: N 58°59.334' E 017°37.423'. Parking.
Water: In summer water tap at Skansholmen Shop & Café - N 59°02.943' E 017°41.345'

The start of the trail through open pasture is easy to walk then there are rather more demanding elevated stretches and bare rocky outcrops which stick up in an otherwise gently hilly terrain.

From Kasholmsberget, which has historic fortifications, there is a good vantage point for following bird migration in spring and autumn. After about 500 metres pastures and planted woodlands are crossed. Another 2 km further on there is a cairn on the lefthand side.

A hilly section follows with splendid views over Norafjärden Bay and Ledarön Island. Further on the route passes the road which runs North to South on Mörkö up onto a hill and followed by the elevated section overlooking Järnabygden in the north west, the lower lying ground of Mörkö (Mörköslätten) and Hörningsholms castle up on a cliff. Further north are high-rise buildings in Södertälje. To the east and southeast Torö and the southern tip of Södertörn are visible and in very clear conditions even the Baltic sea down towards Landsort. The trail winds its way through woodland of varying age and density and past the edge of farms. A few smallholdings can be seen in the distance and at Salsudd it is possible to swim.

In the northern part of section 57 a lot of wood has been cut down. It gives the opportunity to study modern forestry.

The trail continues as far as Skanssundets ferry from where on the left Hörningsholm castle high up on its cliff is visible. The castle was built in the 1740s on the foundations of the medieval castle that was burnt down by the Russians in June 1719.

While waiting for the Traffic Department's yellow (free) ferry over the sound it is possible to observe the abundant bird life. The beach meadows north of the road are botanically interesting and the ridge on Skansholmen is well marked and rich in historical remains. On the slope beside the road near the ferry stop is a dry sloping meadow with many types of meadow flowers. There is an abundance of pasque flowers well as many rarer species.   

Parking options along the section: Kasholmen, Salsudd, Skanssundet.


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