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55. Gisekvarn - Trosa, 16 km

Start: N 58°52.513' E 017°25.295'. Parking available at Gisekvarn recycling station.
Shelter: Dymossen - N 58°53.018' E 017°25.887'

This is one of Sörmlandsledens’ longest sections. It starts with 3 km of forest hiking over mossy rocks and through deep forests to the little enchanted forest lake Ringsjön. After about 1 km, at Dymossen, there is a wind shelter. Take a rest or stay overnight, but be aware of the fire risk as there is no access to water at the place.

On the rocks overlooking the Baltic, you will then descend to the farm Lugnet. In one house the nationally famous singer Ulla Billkvist used to live.

Next comes about a 5 km hike in a very hilly forest terrain at the hill Lemdalsberget, partly with beautiful views of the valley. A bulletin board at one of the viewpoints provides information about the famous Tureholm treasure. An enlargement of the treasures’ neck ring is placed in the roundabout between Trosa and Västerljung.

At Tureholm castle is a magnificent castle avenue.
The trail crosses the road Trosavägen, and leads up to a lookout point at Smedstorp. A nice place for a rest.

Parking possibilities in Trosa, e.g. at Trosa kvarn (mill) and at Skärborgarnas hus (house) in the street Smäckbrogatan.
In case you want a shorter walk, you can park where the sections 55 and 55:1 meet.


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