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53:1. Sandviks badplats - Källviks brygga, 8 km

Start: East of Sandvik - N 58°47.686' E 017°25.389'. Parking at Sandvik beach.

Alternative route to Källviks brygga (Källvik´s jetty) and Sävö Island (section 53:2).
At the start the trail follows the shoreline of Tvären (a bay of the Baltic Sea) for about 2 km. Tvären is a bay formed by a meteorite impact 450 million years ago. After a short walk in the woods, you will reach a country road.

You pass the farms Luckebol and Folkvik and after a two kilometer hike in the road, the trail returns into the terrain. The last few kilometers to Källviks brygga is an easy walk through younger woodland that turns into deciduous forest.

If you wish to continue to Sävö you may hitchhike across the strait to Boholmsviken with any boat available at the jetty, but the safest is to book the transport in advance.

Parking is available at Källviks brygga.

For boat transport from Källvik´s jetty (swe: Källviks brygga) to Sävö: Call Ebbe Anklew +46-73-040 55 13 no later than 3.30 p.m. the day before. 



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