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53. Sandviks badplats - Karlfors kvarn, 11 km

Start: N 58°47.723' E 017°25.144'. Parking.
Drinking water: Tap at Sandvik beach - N 58°47.708' E 017°25.089, spring after approx. 3 km - N 58°48.934' E 017°24.991. Tap at Långmaren (cottage) - N 58°50.064' E 017°24.156 and spring 200 metres northwards from the cottage along the road - N 58°50.177' E 017°24.275'

The section is fairly difficult in parts over somewhat hilly terrain. After around 2 km through woods and over hillocks, the path goes through a pasture and passes a cottage, Utängstugan. The path continues along a small forest road for around 300 m to a cold spring. After a further kilometre or so, the path passes an unusual spreading dwarf spruce which covers an area of around 15 m2.

After a flat section, the path follows a stretch of quite hilly terrain and reaches the pastures leading to the Långmaren estate. Old farming methods, e.g. using oxen as draught animals, were used until 1967, and the farm is now used by Södermanland County Museum for educational purposes. You are welcome to wander around the buildings even when the farm is unattended. Outside the dwelling house is a water hydrant.

From Långmaren, the path follows the road to Nyckelby grave-field with burial-mounds, around 50 stone circles and an erected bauta stone. The path then passes road 219 (Coastal Road). The last kilometre is largely through the forest over hillocks and ends in a steep descent to the section end with resting place and parking area. Bus stop around 200 m north on road 219.


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