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5:3. Hemfosa - Etapp 6 - Paradiset, 15+1 km

Start: N 59°04.135' E 017°57.477'. Parking.
Shelter: Lake Transjön - N 59°04.473' E 017°57.293'

The section starts with an easy walk to the resting area at Lake Transjön. From here it continues trough hilly woodland to the open landscape around Hjälmsättra. Shortly hereafter you get a glimpse of the bird rich Lake Vädersjön, squeezed in between high, steep rocks which our ancestors used as strongholds.

The path passes close to settled areas and on the main road you walk in the footsteps of the Danish King Kristian the 1st, who with his army marched towards Stockholm in Year 1471.

After passing an area with summer houses, you follow Lake Vedasjön and later turn off from road 257 up towards the mountain Tornberget and the Hanveden woodland.

The famous author Ivar Lo Johansson had his home close to the road and has written about the forest around Tornberget in many of his books.

The countryside at Tornberget is typical rocky forest, with rocks polished by the inland ice, lichens and a rich bird- and wildlife. On the top of Tornberget, 111 metres above sea level, is a view tower built in 2018. This is the highest point in Stockholm County.

Nice resting places are at the Tornberget tower as well as by Lake Tornbergasjön.

You can choose to follow existing municipal paths and walk down toward section 5, either at the turn of the path just before the top of Tornberget, or from the resting cottage between the top of Tornberget and section 6.

At Paradiset there is a water pump.

Along section 5:3 there are three places where you can park the car: Road Hemfosavägen (6-8 cars), the small road at Norrudden (2 cars) and at Paradiset there is a large parking place.

Friends of Paradiset Hanveden (in Swedish only)


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