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5:1. Kvarnängens IP Nynäshamn - Vansta, Ösmo, 9,5 km

Start: N 58°55.399' E 017°55.299'. Parking at Kvarnängen sports halls, about 100 metres.

Shortly after the start at Kvarnängens sports ground the path crosses the main road toward Stockholm. Nynäs Manor is located 40 metres to the south along this road.  The settlement is from the end of the 13th century and was moved from Algviken, probably because of land elevation. The first owner was knight Näskonung Bengtsson.

The section moves on up to Lake Fjättersjön. This is a beautiful spring lake with good water and nice resting areas.  Hiking trough a genuine archipelago landscape you will arrive at Valsjö that has a store house, probably from 1769. Nearby is a dry, narrow cave, well worth explore.

The path continues through open cultivated areas to the rural village Björsta, also from the 13th century. There is a runic inscription without a cross at the side of the road. The walk continues north to Älby. You will find a big graveyard north of Älby and at its south end are two runic stones.  The section goes through cultivated and wooded areas toward the goal, the Vansta farm, where Christoffer Pohlhem worked in his youth.

Drinking water, outdoor toilets and rubbish containers are available at both endpoints of the section. There are frequent train and bus services to Nynäshamn and Stockholm. In Ösmo there is parking opportunity. 



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