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5. Handen (Rudans gård) - Paradiset, 11,5 km

Start: N 59°09.856' E 018°07.930'. Parkering.
Shelter: Långsjön - N 59°08.638' E 018°02.120' and Trehörningen - N 59°09.018' E 018°02.124' and N 59°09.079' E 018°02.052' 
Water: Tap at Rudan - N 59°09.897' E 018°07.837', pump at Riddartorp - N 59°08.677' E 018°04.707' and pump at Paradiset - N 59°09.232' E 018°01.329'

The section passes through a large woodland area full of connected swamps and lakes, with numerous pine-clad rocky hills, like islands in an archipelago.

The name Hanveden refers to the woods as the place for game birds lekking.

The height above sea level rises along the section and culminates at Tornberget, 111 metres high. Tornberget can be reached from this section, see directions at Lake Långsjön.

Roe deer, moose and hare occur in the forest and fields; swans, geese and diving ducks in the lakes and buzzards in the sky. Large game birds are less common.

Drinking water can be found at Rudans farm and Paradiset.

Suitable resting- and swimming places are found at Riddartorp, Lake Svartsjön, at the eastern and western shores of Lake Långsjön, and at the northern and eastern shores of  Lake Trehörningen. Riddartorp and the northern shore of Lake Trehörningen are the best locations for swimming.

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