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45:1. Nyköpinghus - Strandstugeviken, 12 km

Nyköpingshus (Nyköping Castle) - Arnöleden - Örstig - Linudden (7 km) - Strandstugeviken (12 km).
Circular route from Örstig/Linudden of approximately 9 km. Common with Stage 45:1 from Linudden to Strandstugeviken.

Start: Nyköpingshus - N 58°44.919' E 017°00.584'

From Nyköpingshus the trail goes towards Arnö. After the bridge over Kilaån River it veers off and goes alongside Stadsfjärdens shoreline, passing after a while the old houses Herrhagen, Greenwood and Rosenhill.  Rosenhill is the area’s oldest house and is marked on a map from1810.  It is a two storey building with a steeply slanted roof which gives the house a long shadow.

The path continues towards Bastenshäll where it is possible to barbecue and enjoy a fine view of the entrance to Nyköpings harbour.

The walk continues towards Bärings, a red painted open-roofed cottage. There is a path up to Strandstugeviksvägen, but the trail continues to Karlslund, with a fine view over Mellanfjärden bay. From there the trail continues to Branthäll Farm which has buildings from the early 20th Century.  Look out for the high wall of washed up stone and sand.  It was just below Branthäll where the Russians landed on Saturday, 24th July 1719. They first attempted to come ashore on the Brandholmen side but came under such heavy artillery fire from Nyköpings cannons that they left Brandholmen. The invading army of around 3,000 men sailed across the Stadsfjärden and came ashore at Branthäll. They then began an around 12 km long march via Ryssbergen and Stora Kungsladugården to Nyköping.

The trail continues past Klostugan and Karlberg and thereafter follows a remarkable beach meadow. At Örstig there is a former fish salting hut from the early 19th Century.  At the end of the meadow there is an enclosed area on the right. This is Linudden nature reserve which in spring has a very varied flora. The tree stock consists of aspen, birch, limetree and a lot of hazel. A section is covered with ostrich fern, a type of fern that can grow to a height of two metres. The soil is rich in lime which has a favourable to the plants and flowers.  As well as the most common spring flowers moschatel, corydalis, toothwort, wonder violet, and baneberry are also found here.

The circular route is part of section 45:1, 9 km Suitable starting point is the parking area at Linudden Nature Reserve/Örstig. N 58°43.817'   E 017°05.412'

Linudden Nature Reserve has a highly species-rich spring flora. The tree layer consists of aspen. Birch, small-leaved lime and a profusion of hazel. One area is covered in ostrich fern, which can grow up to two metres tall. The calcareous soil benefits the flora. In addition to common spring flowers, you find moschatel, Cordyalis intermedia, toothwort, wonder violet and baneberry.

Start by walking through the reserve. The trail then continues to the Linudden holiday cottages, built in the 1930s and 40s. A short detour on the road between the cottages up on a hill with fine views is recommended.
From here to Strandstugeviken, the loop is common with stage 45:1 

The trail continues along the road for a short stretch and then turns to the headland Dödhällen with fine views across the bay and a good place to rest if you cross the stile into the pasture.

The trail continues along an enclosure through the forest and onto Salstensviken. The large rock is visible if you go out on the jetty. The trail then continues around the headland Näsudden, approx. 50 metres below the fortlets that were built in the 17th and 18th centuries to defend the entrance fairway to Nyköping. The information board tells you what it looked like here at that time. The headland has rest places with fine views across Örsbaken.

The trail then goes past the Örstigsnäs holiday cottages and sandy beaches where you can swim, and Strandstuviken camping. The route enters Strandstuviken Nature Reserve via a wheelchair-accessible bridge. The reserve is one of the most species-rich bird localities in Nyköping; some 250 species have been recorded here over the years. The area consists of a couple of points of land and two shallow inlets, Strandstugeviken and Snäckviken. The shore meadows are good resting and breeding places for waders and seabirds. The birdwatchers’ association Tärnan has had a field station here since 1984.

The trail now leaves the water and approx. 2.5 km remain of the walk. First, along a small road with forest and open fields and then on a bigger road past the new houses at Örstig and back to the parking area.

Linudden Nature Reserve   Strandstuviken Nature Reserve


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