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44:4. Furön, Oxelösund, 3,5 km

Start: Gamla (Old) Oxelösund - N 58°39.706' E 017°07.772'. Parking.
Shelter: Furön - N 58°39.285'   E 017°08.324'

Island Furön is only reachable by boat. If you don't have your own, you can rent a rowing boat in Gamla Oxelösund.

Gamla Oxelösund is a historical site deriving its origin from the 13th century. Here is a community centre homestead that has been an inn and a tavern since the 17th century. Also, do visit the archipelago museum and Mästerlotsen (the Master pilot)!

By land elevation, the islands Furön, Hönsholmen, Korsholmen and Bjurshalsen are linked together. The islands are described in documents from the 1400s and their history talks about fishing and customs operations, but also of archipelagic farmers who cultivated land and kept animals.

Since the trail is not a circular loop, you can choose to go to the left or to the right. If you choose to go right you will reach cultivated farmland, surrounded by about 700 metres of stone walls. The trail then continues to a barbecue area with a beautiful view of the fairway to Oxelosund, or to giant’s cauldrons, formed by the glaciers retreating during the last ice age. Then return to Bjurshalsen and over the old stone bridge to Korsholmen, where you will find the lopped lime trees (small-leafed linden) that are 300 years old. The trail then goes through Hönsholmen over Furön, which has a completely different nature with mountains and valleys. There is also a rocky forest, about 300 years old. At the trail's next turning point there is a wind shelter with fireplace, nicely located on the waterfront. Here it is perfectly fine to go swimming.

The trail is easy to hike, and in its 3,5 km are included the branches you need to hike twice to visit all destinations.

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Boat to Furön    Oxelösund


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