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44:3. Våtmarken o Femöre, Oxelösund

Brannäs wetlands, 5 km
Start: Brannäs parking area. GPS: N 58°41.419'  E 017°07.158'

The man-made wetlands, used for reducing nitrogen from wastewater, have a rich flora and fauna. The information board at the parking area has a map and describes things worth seeing along the approx. 5 km easy-to-walk circular route, which goes past the site where the cleansed water is discharged into the sea. The area has a bird tower, picnic area with fireplace, information signs and rocks for bathing. An approx. 2.5 km connecting trail starts from Oxelösund cemetery (N 58°40.741'  E 017°05.514').

Round Femöre, 6 km
Start: Parking area NW Femöre. GPS N 58°39.609'  E 017°05.280'

The Femöre circular route is 6 km. The path goes anticlockwise from the parking area in north-western Femöre (Fiskehamnsvägen) through a mixed forest and then in hilly woodland with large oaks. The path continues through forested former arable land. After passing the parking area at western Femöre, the path approaches the sea and an area of windswept pines. There is an alternative path by the water, out on the rocks. Select one of the fine rocks for a rest, or even a swim if the weather allows.

The path continues through fine forestland to the parking area at southern Femöre. From here, you can either take the gravel road southwards to the circular route at Femörehuvud (see below) or continue to the marina in Östersviken and Oxelösund fishing harbour.

The last part of the route goes along the road Motorbåtsvägen with Badhusviken marina below. A final turn onto Fiskehamnsvägen takes you back to the parking area.

Femörehuvud, approx. 2 km
Start: Parkering area Södra Femöre GPS: N 58°39.207'  E 017°06.476'

Femörehuvud has an approx. 2 km circular route with fine views across the sea and the fairways to Oxelösund and Norrköping. A beautiful excursion not to be missed. The area is enchanting in all weathers. Along the route you will pass the fixed equipment of the Femöre Fortress, including three gun turrets. The Femöre Fortress was a top secret cold war bunker built in 1963 and in operation until 1998. The fortress is now a museum. A detour to the old lighthouse on Femörehuvud is a must.

Maps of the area with Sörmlandsleden marked out are available from Oxelösund Tourist Office (Koordinaten).

Oxelösund   Femöre Fortress


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