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44:2. Kungsladugården, section 44 - Hållet, section 45, 5 km

Start: N 58°44.759' E 016°58.167'. No parking

This section bypasses Nyköping but still passes some built up areas. A couple of well known eating places will tempt you before you go round Gripen School, one of Nyköping high schools. The path goes under the motorway through a narrow tunnel. A group of red garages captures the hiker’s attention. They were built ftom wooden crates from the USA, which contained parts for Chrysler cars. They were constructed at the time by AB Nyköping Automobile Factory, ANA.

The trail continues north over the railway and soon arrives at Frisksportar Cottage, once a forest ranger residence, now a popular meeting place for Nyköping residents out for a walk or fitness training. Here there are some examples of the vermont-pine tree which is uncommon in Sweden. It has long cones, almost like a spruce.

The roads to Katrineholm and Eskilstuna are passed and then the motorway is crossed again via a tunnel. Shortly after, the section end as well as the start of section 45 are reached.

Stora Kungsladugården


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