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44:1. Jogersö, Oxelösund - Ryssbergen, 16,5 km

Start: Jogersö - N 58°42.204' E 017°52.451'. Parking.
Shelter: Kvarndammen, St Bene - N 58°41.947' E 017°00.565' and Ryssbergen -
N 58°44.127' E 016°57.859'
Water: Spring at the hill before Ryssbergen - N 58°44.106' E 016°58.108', pump at the shelter.

Sörmlandsleden’s office is in Oxelösund. Jogersö with all its leisure activities and camp site is a natural starting point for this section which connects to the main trail. Frequent bus connections make it possible to do short and long hikes from here over varied terrain with interesting cultural landmarks. To Stjärnholm or the motorway viaduct it is 5 and 7.5 km respectively and from there there are buses to Oxelösund or Nyköping

From Jogersö the trail winds its way through the parks on the outskirts of Oxelosund up to Stjärnholm castle with its particular atmosphere and interesting buildings. The castle is closely linked to the area’s history and early mining.

From Stjärnholm the trail goes on a riding path to the bay Stjärnholmsviken. The trail then goes over the motorway to an old mill pond where there is a wind shelter.
A suggested place for a tent is 1 km further on, at a turning point of a little forest road.

The trail continues through varied woodland over Nävekvarns road and into an area with ancient remains, a stone circle, cairns and burial ground on the somewhat longer alternative route. Shortly after, the trail passes Nyköping golf course.  After the golf course approximately 300 metres before the end of the section at Ryssbergen, there is a signposted side trail to a birdwatching ramp leading out into Svanviken (Swan Creek). The ramp is 320 metres long and accessible with wheelchair. The start of the ramp can be reached by car. From the ramp you can select an alternative route through the Svanviken (Swan Creek) to Lindbacke-Nyköping.

A fresh water spring is right next to the trail before the section end. In Friluftsfrämjandet’s recreation area in Ryssbergen there are shelters, water and overnight accommodation.

Parking is available at Jogersö, Stjärnholm and Ryssbergen.



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