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44. Sandstugan - Lindbacke, 12 km

Start: N 58°42.204' E 016°52.451'. No parking at Sandstugan.
Shelter: Ryssbergen - N 58°44.127' E 016°57.859'
Water: Spring at Bergshammar - N 58°43.884' E 016°55.597' and pump at the shelter.

This section is easy to hike. The first 2 km are along the edge of the forest, and overlook the open countryside. After Hult Farm the trail goes into easy to hike forest terrain, and after about 3 km becomes slightly hillier.

Section 36:3 from Fada connects from the West, section 44 continues to the right and goes in part on a 10 km marked jogging trail. A small hill overlooking Bergshammar provides a pleasant change from forest walking. Have a rest here! Shortly after there is a fresh water spring.

500 metres west of Ryssbergen the connecting section 44:1 to Oxelösund begins. An alternative route to Lindbacke via Svanviken Nature Reserve starts here also. Together with the main trail it forms a circular route Lindbacke-Stora Kungsladugård-Ryssbergen.

On the main trail a stretch of cultural interest begins. Firstly, on the other side of Kila stream a medieval defence tower followed by an Iron Age burial ground from where the path turns off on to Bergshammar Road. A nice resting place.

At Stora Kungsladugård the connecting section 44:2 to Hållet begins. The main trail continues past Stora Kungsladugård and out in to Lindbacke Nature Reserve with its varied nature, bird life and historical remains, including an Iron Age maze. Lindbacke is a nice resting place. In the summer time there are cows grazing here.

Stora Kungsladugården


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