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42. Koppartorp - Skyrshyttan, 7 km

Start: N 58°38.703' E 016°53.995'. Parking.
Water: Tap at Tunaberg Museum - N 58°38.769' E 016°54.0003'

Tuna mining district has an extraordinarily rich history with numerous interesting relics from early mining. First, Tunabergs local history museum is passed at which there are mine holes and old buildings from the 19th Century. The section then continues through an area rich with vegetation, out on to a main road and from there up Kalkberg hill. Here, anyone who is interested in botany can really get a lot out of the walk. The trail then goes over a hill with a vantage point and enters an area with old mining cabins, Grishyttan.

Just before Älvbro roundhouse are two giant holes. On the other side of the main road, before the trail reaches a viewpoint, there are two more large potholes. After the descent from the hill the trail passes an ormgran and goes through an area with larches. A short walk on the road leads to Stora Jogershyttan, where the remains of slag are the only reminder of our ancestors' hard work in the production of copper. The hike then continues on the embankment up to the section end Skyrshyttan.

There is space for parking at Koppartorp.



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