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41. Mellsjön - Koppartorp, 6 km

Start: N 58°37.529' E 016°57.745'. Parking available.

This is an easy to medium section to hike with some short steep climbs, and extensive views.

After a few hundred metres, the trail goes up a hill overlooking Lake Mellsjön. Around 100 metres further on there is another fine viewpoint from which the Baltic Sea can be seen on the horizon.

Thereafter the trail goes through mixed forest.

At Järpsätters gård was established 2014-2015, a wetlands area of 20 hectares. The wetlands can be seen as an environmental project as the effect is that water is purified before it runs out in to the Baltic Sea. As in other wetlands area a rich variety of birdlife can be expected. There is a view point where one can rest on a bench.

The trail goes over cultivated land to which the owner has allowed access.

The road, Tunabergsvägen, is crossed and the trail then continues south of Lake Överbosjön after which another section of cultivated land must be crossed. The landowner permits considerate hikers.

The hiker can now choose to go over the hill Simonsberget, an impressive rock outcrop on which climbers can often be seen training on the south side and with fine views over Koppartorp, or to instead take the easier route on the south side along the foot of the hill.

Once in Koppartorp the trail passes the attractively situated vicarage and the original wooden church.

There is space for parking at Lake Mellsjön, Järpsätter and Koppartorp.




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