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37:2. Kärrgruvorna - Koppartorp, 8 km

Start: N 58°38.817' E 016°51.484'. Parking.
Shelter: Kärrgruvan - N 58°38.850'   E 016°51.469'

An easy and pleasant hike in varied countryside where the trail passes many mines and cabins. In Kärrgruvorna lot of forest has recently been cleared but the mining area itself has been tidied up and is relatively untouched. Iron ore mining took place here mainly during the 100 years from the latter part of the 18th century. In this area there are over 40 sites which were mined. At the Blomberg mines traces of so-called fire-setting can be seen. This was a method for extracting ore, before gunpowder came into use. Fires were lit then left to cool off with the result that the rock split.

Between Blombergstorp and Laggarbo there are still damm walls which where used for the supply of water power to an old foundry. In this area in fact, in 1997 and 1998, there was test drilling for zinc down to a depth of nearly 150 metres.



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