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36:1. Nävsjön - Gälkhyttan, 9 km

Start: N 58°39.793' E 016°44.071'. Parking ahead of the fisher's club grounds, about 350 metres before the trailhead at the lake's north-east bay.
Water: Pump at lake Nävsjön - N 58°39.835' E 016°44.014' 

This section is easy to hike except the Stora Bötesberget (Large Bötesberget) in Bötets mire complexes. It consists mostly of mixed forest but also bogs and marshes. After about 300 metres hike, one passes in rapid succession a so-called linbråkargrop, a unique stone-build cold-smoke oven and the remains of a forge. Shortly after the waterfall there was an iron foundry in the 1500s. The route then continues south into the forest of mixed trees, which include one of Tunaberg's largest aspen. After the trail has left Nävån behind, it enters the great forest and passes by a well preserved "linbråkargrop", a charcoal burner's hut, up to the big weir at the so-called Tyskdammen (German Dam). From the pond, it is then a roughly 2 km hike up to the Stora Bötet's mire complex. Up front at the foot of the Stora Bötesberget are two paths to choose. The lower, marked as ski trail, follows the bog edge and is easy and pleasant to hike. The other path leads over the mountain top (91 m asl). Up there one had an impressive view of the bog once, but today the treetops have grown to block it out. The trail descends from the mountain and follows the bog edge. Approximately 200 metres before the section end is a barbecue area. Follow then the lake until the road Tuna-Nävekvarn, where the section ends.
Possibilities for swimming at both lake Nävsjön and Gälkhyttan. Parking is available at Nävsjön and Gälkhyttan to minor extend. Toilet available at Nävsjön. A fishing card vending mashine is located at lake Nävsjön too (don’t forget to fill in the fishing card properly).

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