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36. Nävsjön - Nävekvarn, 11 km

Start: N 58°39.79S3' E 016°44.071'.

Parking is available before the fishing club's area, approximately 200 metres along the path towards the lake.

Drinking water: Pump at Lake Nävsjön - N 58°39.835' E 016°44.014', and spring south of Lake Nävsjön - N 58°38.833' E 016°44.195'

Fishing permits are available from a ticket dispensing machine at Nävsjön.

Section 36 is relatively easy, passing through a mixed countryside of mountains, forest and open land. Approximately 1 km after the start there is a charcoal burner's hut which gives one some idea of how primitively the charcoal burners lived as they tended the kiln as recently as 50 years ago. They did not live in the huts all year round but charcoal burning is a 24 hour a day job for the week that the heap is alight and they needed somewhere to shelter. It is allowed to stay overnight in the charcoal hut. Camping (tent) is allowed near Lake Nävesjön but NOT in the part that is in the nature reserve.

Now it is about 4 km to Kvarsebovägen, mostly through sparse coniferous forest with several smaller climbs over boulders / rocky terrain. Just before the road, one of the Dammkärr mines (fenced) is passed and then an information board that tells about various railways that transported timber out of the forests.

From the road the path continues to the shores of Bråviken at Vibberholmen. There you will find a fine little beach with opportunities for camping and relaxation. Close by are graves of plague victims, commemorated with a simple verse on a metal plaque.

From this point the section becomes more demanding as it climbs Nävekvarns outcrop, from which there are splendid views over Bråviken and Nävekvarn. Take a break here and enjoy what you see! If you are lucky, you may see cargo ships on the way to or from Norrköping or the paper factory at Bråviken. The path returns down the hill to the shore of Bråviken, past the camping place and to Gula kvarn, previously a warehouse. Here are parking facilities.

You can buy food in Nävekvarn. During summer there is restaurant, cafe and tourist information.

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