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35. Holmtorp - Nävsjön, 12 km

Start: N 58°40.499' E 016°35.576'.

Parking: Note that there is no parking at the start of this section; the closest parking is at Vrångsjö, part of section 34, approximately 1.5 km from the start of section 35.
Shelter: There is a wind shelter at Svartsjön - N 58°40.333' E 016°41.833' and at Nävsjön, belonging to a fishing club (Fiskeföreningen) - N 58°39.667' E 016°43.539'
Water: Drinking water (a natural spring) is available at Svartsjön - N 58°40.580' E 016°41.458' ; there is also a pump at Nävsjön - N 58°39.835' E 016°44.014'

Section 35 starts by rounding the southern point of Lake Vrångsjön and, where the path leaves the road, it is possible to follow a side path for 200 metres to the eastern side of the lake, where there is a bathing place and an area where camping is allowed.

The section 35 path continues through a mixture of woodland and arable land which was at one time an ancient forest in which one could easily imagine meeting one of John Bauer's trolls but which is now no more than modern commercial forest.

After approximately 7 km, just short of Lake Svartsjön, you will find the first drinking water, a natural spring. The trail continues along the north east coast of the lake, through open mature forest and typical Swedish granite outcrop country. There are fine views over the lake and marshes around it and a shelter, completed in July 2006. This is a very nice resting place even if you don't stay overnight.  

When you reach Nävsjön it is possible to take a swim or to fish for rainbow trout (although a fishing permit is required these can be purchased from a dispensing machine at the lake). There is a wind shelter chiefly intended for those fishing at the lake although hikers are permitted to use it, space permitting. It is also possible to spend the night at charcoal burner's shelters to be found approximately 1 km in along section 36. 

Lake Nävsjön also has parking facilities intended for hikers and those visiting the nature reserve which can be found by following the Sörmlandsleden arrows. 

Nävsjön Sportfishing


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