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34. Brytsebo - Holmtorp, 13 km

Start: N 58°39.054' E 016°32.969'. Parking.
Wind shelter: Lilla Göljen - N 58°41.806' E 016°33.545'
Water: Natural spring at Lake Lilla Göljen - N 58°41.901' E 016°33.617' and approx 1,5 from L Göljen - N 58°41.454' E 016°34.814'

Attention! Be careful about following the Sörmlandsleden markings! There are also other markings in the area.

Unlike many other sections, 34 offers the opportunity to take a swim at the very start, within 300 metres, in Lake Skvättsjön. as well as at the section end, in Lake Vrångsjön. Skvättsjön has the finer water of the two. After your refreshing swim in Skvättsjön, you will hike through 6 kilometres of a varied landscape of woodland and marsh. That the forest is commercially managed will be obvious from the areas of clear fell and coupes in various stages of growth. There is a specimen tree, The Tall Spruce, which, at 36 metres high, stands in solitary majesty, surrounded by young forest. A few kilometres after the Tall Spruce is an opportunity to make a diversion to look at a remarkable stone called `The Maid`s Torment`.

The part of section 34 which is most worth experiencing follows after `The Maid´s Torment´ where you will follow one of the longest boardwalks in the whole Sörmlandsleden path system. In this part of section 34 you can revel in the feeling of having been sent back in time.

Before too long, you will reach Lake Lilla Göljen, where there is a wind shelter, a spring of fresh water  and a lavatory. The lake is beautiful but, unfortunately, not a good place for bathing.

Soon after Lilla Göljen you will find yourself passing through an extensive boulder field. These boulder fields (called klapperstensfält in Swedish) are the result of Sweden rising very rapidly after the ice melted, about 10,000 years ago. Successive layers of boulders on the beach were tumbled by the water. As the land rose these were lifted out of the water but more boulders were brought to the waterline and tumbled and so on to create very extensive fields of rounded boulders. These are a very special and characteristic Swedish feature. A few more hours of walking will bring you to Lake Vrångsjön where, as previously indicated, you can both bathe and park.


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