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33:1. Kvarsebo färja - Brytsebo, 4 km

Start: N 58°38.286' E 016°35.774'. Parkering.
Skärmskydd: Bråviken (Lst Östergötland) - N 58°38.719' E 016°33.186'

Section 33:1 links the Sörmlands trail with the Östgöta trail via the Kvarsebo ferry and both form part of the Europe trail 6, which starts in the north of Finland and ends at the Mediterranean sea.

Section 33:1 is, at times, demanding with many steep sections interspersed with easier stretches, where there are beautiful examples of typical Swedish countryside with granite outcrops. As you walk this section, a great deal of which passes through the coastal nature reserve, you will see splendid views along Bråviken. This part of Sweden has been written about by authors such as Carl Jonas Love Almqvist in his book 'The Queens Jewels'  and Hans Lidman in his book 'In search of Tintomara (I tintomaras spår).

Kvarsebo ferry terminal, which also boasts a cafe, can be accessed by bus from Norköping although there is parking available should you choose to drive. The start of section 33:1 can also be accessed from sections 33 and 34, where the notice board is to be found on the main road between Kvarsvebo and Krokek. You will have to hike south for a few hundred metres until you reach the directions board for stage 33:1.

The section starts with a steep ascent up Kolmården hill where there is beautiful granite outcrop country. You should look out for the reindeer lichen and the twisted dwarf pines typical of this dry and nutrient poor landscape. You will, at intervals, come up onto high points from where you will be able to see broad views over Bråviken sound. Parts of this section are considered the most beautiful of all the Sörmlands paths.
After perhaps two kilometres you should see blue paint markings which lead to a bathing cliff. A further kilometre brings you to Högudden, the highest point of this stretch and possibly also the most beautiful. You might consider sitting down on the bench and reading about the view; Bråviken and Vikbolandet lie displayed before you.
Close to the bench is the start of a path, marked with blue paint, which leads to two giant kettle-holes. If you choose to divert that way you will find a display board, explaining their origin.
From this point the trail leaves Bråviken and you will quickly arrive at Kolmårdens bandit cave where you can climb down and absorb the troll like atmosphere. The entrance is narrow but there is a rope to allow the public to climb in and out safely. The finish point of the section, where it joins section 33, is only 600 metres further on, where one can decide whether to continue towards either Stavsjö or Nävekvarn.

There is parking available at Brytsebo.         




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