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32. Stavsjö - Lövsjöns sydspets, 11,5 km

Start: N 58°43.473' E 016°25.024'. Parklng is available
Shelter: Lövsjön - N 58°41.200' E 016°28.247'
Water: Well at Lugnet - N 58°42.720' E 016°23'4.20

The section starts at the Youth hostel in Stavsjö (where it is possible to buy a fishing permit if you wish to fish in either Stavsjö or Skiren) and  passes through easily hiked and changeable woodland. It is not farnto the shores of lake Skiren where you will find plenty of opportunities for a swim in the high quality water.
After perhaps 4 kilometres, section 32 meets section 31although section 32 continues along an old railway embankment. This embankment is all that remains of the historically important Nunnebanan railway, which was built in 1900-1903 to extract timber as quickly as possible after a plague of tussock moth larvae killed the trees in the area.
You will continue hiking eastwards on the path for some hours until you reach the west side of lake Lövsjön, where there is a beautifully positioned shelter with associated lavatory.
The trail now bends to the south along the shore, where the opportunities to either bathe or relax continue right to the end of the section at the south eastern tip of the lake. From the finishing point it is only 1.5 km to the south, along a country road, to Kolmården zoo.

Stafsjö Bruksmuseum


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