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31:1. Halsbråten, e31 - Skjutgropen, e32, 8,5 km

Section 31:1 together with part of sections 31 and 32 forms a circular route of around 16 km
Start: A suitable starting point is Stavsjö - N 58°43.473' E 016°25.024'
Water: Fresh water spring at Hagsätra efter the church ruins - N 58°42.421' E 016°22.754'

This is one of Sörmlandsleden´s extra loops to a historically interesting place which goes through forests and on minor roads. After just one kilometre there is choice of trails, Östgötaleden, to the east (right) and Sörmlandsleden to the south (left).
After another 2 km is the attractive little lake Gullvagnen where one can go swimming. The trail goes under the motorway E4 just south of Gullvagnen.
The trail then passes an old cholera cemetery where Krokeks Historical Society has an information board.
The trail continues up to an impressive pothole and from there to "Långa Längan" and the ruins of Vårfru Monastery (Monastery of Our Lady, a historically very interesting place). There is also a picnic area and grill.

The site is one of the starting points for the Abbey Trail, a 250 km long pilgrims path to Vadstena. Shortly after the monastery is a spring where both Gustav Vasa and Tintomara are said to have quenched their thirst.

From here it is about 3 km of varied terrain to the end of the section at "Skjutgropen" and to section 32. On the way the trail passes Tranmossen (Crane Bog), but we can not guarantee that there are any cranes.


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