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30. Djupviksvägen - Åbo, 11 km

Start: N 58°49.581' E 016°21.056'. Parking at the end of section 29 south of the bridge to Fagerön, 800 metres along section 29. Alternatively 1,5 km to the west at Djupvik from where the section can be reached via minor roads.
Shelter: Vikitteln - N 58°47.657 E 016°19.247'
Water: Spring (questionable quality) 1 km North West of Åbo - N 58°46.877' E 016°21.573' and in Åbo -
N 58°46.542' E 016°22.008'

This section is at times quite demanding and offers genuine wilderness. Not a single residence is passed en route.
The trail first goes up on to Djupviksberget (hill).  Its limestone rock influences the character of the vegetation. Normal pine forest then follows.  After 4 km of winding paths, the hiker arrives at Rudgölen Lake and Övre Ålsjön Lake, which has a picnic area and the possibility for swimming. There is enough space for a few tents here. The path continues a few kilometres to the south and to the attractive little pond Vikitteln, which has a wind shelter and a bathing place.  About 500 metres after Vikitteln is "Vikittelns miniature canyon", a unique geological attraction.

After that the route heads steeply uphill to the next attraction, Sörmlands highest hill (Vensbrinksberget) located at no less than 123 metres above sea level. In autumn 2000, under the auspices of the Sörmlandsleden Association, a 12-metres high observation tower was built which is now one of Stavsjö’s residents' favourite excursions.

From here it is a 4 km hike to Skogsbyås. The terrain is hilly and varied. A good resting place with a great view is about 900 metres after the tower parking place. The route passes an old charcoal kiln.
At the end of the section is a natural spring.

Parking possibilities at Skogsby and Åbo. At Djupviks kursgård one can stay overnight.

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