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3. Alby friluftsgård - Tyresta, 13 km

Start: N 59°13.835' E 018°16.123'. Parkering.
Shelter: Årsjön - N 59°11.124' E 018°16.047'
Water: Spring at Högdalen - N 59°12.120' E 018°16.095'

Bus 873 from Gullmarsplan some tours in the summer, other times to Nyfors, see map.

This section is of easy to medium difficulty with some steep uphill walks to the viewpoints. The trail leads south towards Tyresta. After less than 1 km you reach Nyfors, formerly Wättinge Stream, one of Tyresö’s more than 500-year-old industrial sites operated by water power. More detailed information is available at the site.

Further south the path passes through mixed forests and over meadows, around Karlberg up on flat rocks and the pine forest plateau at Höjden, a former resting cottage.

The trail then moves into a valley, over a moss, again up on flat rocks and into the Tyresta national park. You will soon reach the north end of Lake Årsjön, which you then follow. There is a resting place at Lake Årsjön where you can take a break and swim.

Those who are interested can make a detour to Gammeldammen, a nearby pond. From Lake Årsjön the path leads to Lake Bylsjön and from there into the forest a few miles before you leave the park area.  You will come to meadows and pastureland around your goal, Tyresta village.

From Tyresta bus 807 goes to Gullmarsplan and bus 834 to the Handen.

Alby friluftsgård   Tyresta National Park


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