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28. Strångsjövägen - Viggaren, 10 km

Start: N 58°55.730' E 016°16.027'. Parking.
Shelter: Hönstorpasjön - N 58°53.788' E 016°17.395'
Water: Well at trail-head - N 58°55.543' E 016°16.025' and Glindraåsen - N 58°53.048' E 016°19.503'

This section is easy to hike with alternating forested moraines and eskers.

After the better part of a kilometre is a natural spring. Five kilometres southwards you will get to Lake Hönstorpasjön, which you follow for about a kilometre. There is a resting spot with great views. About 1 km further the trail passes by a bathing spot and a shelter with toilet.

The botanically interested can follow the road from the cottage Sandstugan in north-east direction to a peak 52.8 metres above sea level, into a forest area untouched for 200 years.

2.5 km south of Sandstugan, the trail follows the nature protected Glindranåsen, which has rich bird life. Where the trail goes down from the ridge, you can make a detour to some peculiar boulders - Lisstorpsblocken. 

The trail then goes over a stile and follows the road along Viggaren's beach to the endpoint of the section.

2-3 cars can be parked at both ends of the section. A few cars can be parked at the middle of the section, where the trail passes a gravel road near Sundstugan.




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