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27:1. Stora Djulö - Glysas grav, 4 km

Start: N 58°58.362'   E 016°12.516'. Parkering.

(Translated by Google)
Connection stage walking by STF hostels and Historical Museum on your left hand and the Stora Djulö mansion in the park on the right.

Stora Djulö or "Western Djula" is already mentioned in 1334 in one of the National Archives kept changing letter, which states that the knight and the Council Sigge Magnusson at Lagmansö takes over the property from the nuns in Vårfruberga. Stora Djulö is also one of the main town in the chapter on the beautiful garden of Selma Lagerlöf's book of "Nils The Wonderful Adventures".

We follow the road past Stora Djulö, crosses Djulö avenue with its "statarbostad" and see soon the steep Gatstuberg, where according to legend Gatstubergstrollen lived. The road climbs steeply past a residential area and passes the beautiful Woodland Chapel, which opened in 1980th.

My for woodland trail turns right into the woods and up on a hill. On top of the mountain are a rest area with benches. From here you have a beautiful view of Lake Djulö.



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