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27. Knorranvägen - Strångsjövägen, 15,5 km

Start: N 58°59.320' E 016°15.400'. Parking.
Shelter: At Skogen - N 58°59.236' E 016°17.145'
Water: Spring at Skogen - N 58°59.106' E 016°17.006' and at Skirtorpsmossen - N 58°57.814' E 016°17.148'

There is room for about five cars at the section start. Good parking possibilities at the middle of the section, where the trail crosses road 52 (the road that leads to Nyköping). One can also park in Forssjö and at the section end.

This section is easy to hike.
After several hundred metres the path crosses under the motorway and meets after about one more kilometre the local trail towards Ramsjöhult. Along the distance up to the forest, which is common with the Ramsjöhult trail, a number of trapping pits can be found. At the shelter the path splits and section 27 continues southwards. Straight after the shelter a toilet and a freshwater spring can be found.

After continued hiking for 5 km you come across road 52 (Nyköpingsvägen). Here connects a 3 km long path leading towards the STF youth hostel at Stora Djulö.
After about 500 metres three kettle holes can be found, the last of which has formed the lake Skiren. About this there is a long story involving the giant Glysa. The freshwater spring Mo Källa is just one kilometre ahead.
Soon you will arrive at Forssjö Bruk dating from the 1600s. Here is opportunity for swimming. You soon are going to pass a bird lake on the left hand side. The path continues through upland forests to a height of 61.84 metres above sea level, and reaching the road Strångsjövägen.

Good places for a tent: Skirtorp. Trollholmen (Forssjö).


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