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26. Vallmotorp - Knorranvägen, 8,5 km

Start: N 59°02.296' E 016°15.285'. Parking at Vallmotorp, approx. 300 metres northwards. 
Wind shelter: Häggsjön - N 59° 01.473' E 16° 15.532'

This is an easy section, much of it over surfaced roads and cycle paths, some of it through mixed woodland.

The first 600 metres starting from the board describing the section are on an asphalt track. There is a strangely formed Norway spruce at the junction with the road to Bjurstorp.
Lake Häggsjön, where there are facilities such as a lavatory, a shelter and a quay, is approximately 2 km from the start. It is nice to rest here even if you don´t intend to stay over night. Unfortunately, fishing is not allowed in the lake.

The trail continues through woodland until one sees the houses on the outskirts of Sågmon, where the path turns to the west along a quiet country road until it reaches Lenatorp. At Lenatorp, the Sörmlandsleden crosses a major road and continues in a westwards direction following a cycle path to a roundabout at Lövåsens shopping centre. The shopping centre gives you an opportunity to buy supplies, should you wish to do so. Here are also a few restaurants.

It is possible to catch a bus to the bus- and railway stations from the shopping centre, or you can continue following the cycle path into the town where it is easy to find the railway station.

Sörmlandsleden continues along the Eastern track (Österleden), going south towards Laggarhult along a cycle path which passes under the railway. Just before the first houses in Laggarhult, the trail follows a footpath to the east and then turns to the south along a woodland track, along which it continues until it reaches Knorranvägen and the section end.


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