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24:3. Kvarntorp - Svalboviken, 11,5 km

Start: N 59° 13.905' E 16° 23.311'. Parking at Kvarntorps nature reserve's north entrance road.
Shelter: Kvarntorp - N 59° 13.905' E 16° 23.311' and Sandviken - N 59° 13.234' E 16° 21.745'
Water: Natural spring at Sandviken - N 59° 13.239' E 16° 22.171', at Gofars pen - N 59° 13.140', E 16° 21.561' and south of Boda - N 59° 12.340' E 16° 20.120'

This section is moderately difficult and follows the lake Näshultasjön through forest and up inclines with views over the lake. The first kilometres up to Fålludden the path passes through Kvarntorp's nature reserve.

The trail first follows Näshultasjön and passes here through forest rich on leafs of oak, hazel and asp. After about one kilometre one reaches a creek. If one follows up the creek one of Sörmlandsleden's rarely seen rapids can be found. There you will find stone remains of an old water-driven sawmill. After some hundred metres one passes a big beaver den situated only a few metres off the path.

At the farm Fålludden the path shortly follows a gravel road but then turns back towards the lake. Straight ahead of Sandviken's cow pasture a natural spring can be found. At Sandviken's resting place is a wind shelter, dry toilets, garbage collection, possibilities for bathing and pitches for tents can be found. If one follows the path a short while in direction of Svalboviken yet another spring can be found.

The path continues through the cow pasture and up onto a gravel road straight ahead of the farm named Heden. Once you have passed the farm and fields the trail turns back to the lake again. Here the path passes the hill Bodaberget, a high-raising hillock, which reaches out into the lake. This is a nice resting place. After about a half kilometre one again returns back the gravel road, which the path follows to Bodavik. There possibilities for bathing can be found, a cased fireplace, garbage disposals and nice pitches for tents.

At Bodavik the trail turns uphill from the lake and reaches after about a half kilometre the meadow Goffars hage. Straight before the meadow a minor path leads up a ridge to a well. After the meadow the path goes through forest and follows here and there roads paved by lumbering machines. Along one of these the path passes a group of pine trees called Wibergska tallarna. This group of trees is an old landmark for orientation and is the place of an old hunters tale. Through these forests once passed sleds transporting ore from the digs towards Hälleforsnäs.

After 3-4 kilometres one closes in on the outflow of the lake Älgsjön, where a regulatory dam for Nytorp's saw and grinder mill is situated. The dam has been in use as late as 1928. The path does even pass over the streams rock bed to the mill which lies 500 metres downstream. At the mill site stone axes and arrow heads from flint stone have been found. About one kilometre ahead of the section end, one passes over the hill of Trollberg. A marked path leads up to the hilltop where nice views over parts of the lake Näshultasjön can be experienced. Straight ahead of the bay Svalboviken the path emerges on a gravel road. On the other side of the road there is a view point which works nicely as a resting spot.

Parking is available at Kvarntorp, Fålludden, Sandviken, Bodavik and at the section end at Svalboviken.

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