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24:1. Vilsta, Eskilstuna - Hållsta, 12 km

Start: N 59°20.910' E 016°30.625'. Parking.
Water: Natural spring at Piltorp - N 59°19.715' E 016°30.278'

This section is a connection trail via Hållsta, Bälgviken and along the eastern side of Lake Näshultasjön through Kvarntorp one will reach the main trail, at the connection point for the sections 23/24, at Svalboviken.
There are alternatives to reach this section coming from Eskilstuna town centre.
Setting out from Vilsta recreation area - take the bus Nr 3 from Fristadstorget towards Viptorp to stop Vilstavägen. Then follow the street Vilstavägen in south direction for about 600 metres. The trail passes in front of a resting hut.
Connection from Skjulsta - take bus nr 4 from Fristadstorget or Resecentrum (at the train station) towards Skogstorp to stop Skjulsta. Cross the rails and river to reach the trail about 400 metres after passing the second bridge.

There are parking opportunities at Vilsta resting hut (100 m from trail), Skjulsta resting hut (400 m from trail) and at Eskilstuna riding-school.

The first part goes on walks and trails through Vilsta nature reserve. After about 2 km you can make a detour down to Skjulsta meadow and Charles IX's channel.
The trail soon passes a mining pit from the 1600s and continues over the hill Uvberget with clearly visible remnants of an ancient fort. Here you have a magnificent view. Through gently undulating and mountainous terrain, the route continues until Dalkarlstorp where a natural spring can be found.

From Dalkarstorp you can choose to diverge north following the circular route which after 4 km emerges back at the starting point at Vilsta.

The section 24:1 continues south, passing the Skogstorp-Stenkvista road and then reaching the drained lake Granstusjön. On the easy path, which arrives at the hill Dansberget that may well be used for the purpose its name implies - the dancing hill. The path up to the end of the section at the road Hållstavägen is also easy.

Eskilstuna   Vilsta recreation area


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