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22. Hagtorp, väg 53 - Hälleforsnäs, 16,5 km

Start: N 59°11.824' E 016°37.019'. Parking.
Wind shelter: At Lake Hällaren - N 59° 12.031' E 16° 33.984' and Bruksdammen - N 59° 09.470' E 16° 28.340'
Water: Spring south of Lake Holmsjön - N 59° 11.275' E 16° 29.409'

At the start of this section you will follow the path for 1.5 km as it rises through beautiful coniferous forest until, after Hult, there is a detour that leads to Rosmossen, a magnificent wetland nature reserve.

After a further 1.5 km, you will find a lake, Hällaren, which is a well known bathing spot, with a suitable bathing area at the south end of the lake. Further round, at the lake´s western side, there is a wind shelter. As you continue your hike, you will pass through mature forest, areas of granite outcrops (called "hällar" in Swedish), bogs and a nutrient poor forest lake called Stora Gyringen, which is a nice place for a rest. This area is where the last wolves in this area were killed, in 1858. 

Shortly after Lake Gyringen one passes the bog Gårmossen. It´s nice to sit on the hill and look out over the bog.

After you cross the Eskilstuna road is a natural spring before continuing for another 4 km to the Västgötagårdarna (West Göta farms) to the west of Hälleforsnäs. There the path is continuous with the wheelchair accessible section around Bruksdammen, a large wet area which was once the reservoir for Hälleforsnäs factory. On an island in the lake you will find a wind shelter, a fishing quay, a barbecue area and a handicapped accessible lavatory. The section end lies on the other side of the reservoir.

About one kilometre ahead of Hälleforsnäs is the "rocking boulder". If you push it moves but still stays in place.


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