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22. Hagtorp, väg 53 - Hälleforsnäs, 16,5 km

Start: N 59°11.824' E 016°37.019'. Parkering.
Skärmskydd: Vid Hällaren - N 59° 12.031' E 16° 33.984' och Bruksdammen - N 59° 09.470' E 16° 28.340'
Vatten: Källa söder om Holmsjön - N 59° 11.275' E 16° 29.409'

At the start of this section you will follow the path for 1.5 km as it rises through beautiful coniferous forest, until, immediately after Hult, there is a branch path towards Sagostigen. Much of the length of the branch path is spent within Rosmossen, a magnificent wetland nature reserve.

After a further 1.5 km, you will find a lake, Hällaren, which is a well known bathing spot, with a suitable bathing area at the south end of the lake. Further round, at the lake´s western side, there is a wind shelter. As you continue your hike, you will pass through mature forest, areas of granite outcrops (called "hällar" in Swedish), bogs and a nutrient poor forest lake called Stora Gyringen. This area is where the last wolves in this area were killed, in 1858. 

After you cross the Eskilstuna road is a natural spring before continuing for another 4 km to the Västgötagårdarna (West Göta farms) to the west of Hälleforsnäs. There the path is continuous with the wheelchair accessible section around Bruksdammen, a large wet area which was once the reservoir for Hälleforsnäs factory. On an island in the lake you will find a shelter, a fishing quay, a barbecue area and a handicapped accessible lavatory. The section end lies on the other side of the reservoir.


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