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21. Malmköping - Hagtorp, väg 53, 10,5 km

Start: N 59°08.445' E 016°43.847'. Parking.
Water: Natural spring by Sandasjön - N 59° 09.419' E 16° 41.949'


From the campsite at Hosjön, the trail leads up to Plevnahöjden with its wartime memories.

The trail then crosses the Eskilstuna road and after that you will reach Sundbyåsens Nature Reserve
with a view of the lake Sundbysjön, which is rich in birds, and the Dunker district. A natural spring is
located at Sundbysjön.

Navestasjön pass in review before we wander the overgrown old road and through Mordgrind
(Murder Gate) - the place where the engineer Herman Upmark was murdered in 1874.
The Perpetrators Hjert and Tector were the last persons to be executed in public in our country in 1876.

A few hundred yards from Navestad, a strange pond can be seen on the left, which has an underground
connection to the lake Akaren. The small island, which is visible in the middle of the pond, is walking
back and forth.
Lake Akaren, which is located 300 m from the trail, has clear water and a nice beach on the northeast shore.

At the, by now, overgrown lake Nälen, which can be glimpsed to the right of the trail,
Stone Age settlements have been found.

Shortly before the end of section 21 we find the place where Hjert was decapitated in 1879.
Tector was executed the same day on Gotland. These were the last public executions in our country.


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