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20. Henaredalen - Malmköping, 6 km

Start: N 59°07.250' E 016°47.995'.
Shelter: Västersjön - N 59° 07.256', E 16° 47.880'
Parking: 800 metres north of the section start (the parking of the nature reserve). At the moment one can't reach this parking as there is a road barrier approx. 1 km earlier. It's possible to park at the barrier. See map.

This section begins with hiking through the nature reserve Henaredalen.

Henaredalen has a botanical and zoological very interesting and wonderful spring and early summer flowering. One passes the hill Skansberget, an ancient castle with a lovely view of the lake Henaren. Here there are beavers.

After about 1 km you will reach a detour called "Hells' gate". In earlier times one had to push the horse carriages between two rocky outcrops on the former road between Dunker and Hyltinge. That is what gave the place its' name.

One passes Mörtsjön - a nice little tarn. Halfway through the section is a frontier cairn of stones. It was formerly a point where four parishes met.

At the section end is a camping site with swimming opportunities. In Malmköping there are grocery stores.



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