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18. Finnsjön - Ånhammar, 11 km

Start: N 59°12.418'   E 016°57.665'. No public transport available and no parking at section start.
Shelter: Lake Finnsjön - N 59° 12.384' E 16° 57.647' and Lake Härbärgssjön - N 59° 10.759' E 16° 55.873'
Drinking water: Tap at Ånhammar. Go into the doorway of the museum (signed), then to the right.
N 59°08.817' E 016°54.749'. Only summer time (= no frost).

The section is easy to hike with some challenging sections. It goes with one exception through the production forest, which means that everything from felling mature forests to fresh clearings await the hiker. The ecxeption is Putbergens nature reserve that the trail goes right through. The trail passes four lakes.

After Finnsjön the trail will follow the lake for a while up towards Magsjöberget. Continue through the woods and cross a small road where there is parking space for 2(3) cars. Next rest is at Lake Axsjön, which you will follow on its east side to a little hill which also is suitable for a pause. Note that the shelter at the lake is private!

Between the lakes Axsjön and Härbärgssjön you will enter into Putbergens Nature Reserve, one of the county's finest virgin forest areas, suitable for slow hiking. At the south border of the reserve, there is an outhouse. At Lake Härbärgssjön are shelters and hearth. To the southeast of the shelter there is the possibility to go swimming on the island/peninsula.

From Härbärgssjön to Lake Ösjön lie Sörmlandsleden trail stretching from the very beginning of the 1970s.

The trail follows the lake to the southwest isthmus andonwards to the next forest road, which is passed near the Gustavsbergs mine. The previous tenement Rotsätter is rounded. Here is the "Cure Pine" which, according to old beliefs, could cure the ill person that crept between the roots of the tree.

We will follow Lake Älgsjön on its west side a few hundred metres. A long footbridge over a bay of Lake Kvarnsjön and after this Dammstugan with the mill that has all its equipment intact. The trail follows the road to Ånhammar, which is the end of the section.

Examples of nice picnic places along section 18: Lake Axsjön, Lake Härbärgssjön, Lake Älgsjön.

Parking behind the coach houses, not by the information board/section map.
Good parking place at Brotorp (section 19), 1.5 km from Ånhammar.
1-2 cars can be parked at Körartorp (norhern part of section 18).


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