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16:1. Åkers styckebruk - Harsjöhult, 11 km

Start: N 59°15.190'  E 017°05.672'. Bus stop Åkers styckebruk. Parking options at both section ends - in Åkers styckebruk as well as at Harsjöhult. It's also possible to park a car where the trail crosses the road at Lenellstorp.

This track connects to the main trail at the junction between track 16 and 17. From a start close to a modern settlement it runs to uninhabited areas in ’Åkers bergslag’; a forest area marked by previous cultivation, harvesting, cattle grazing, mining and charcoal-burning. The walk is relatively easy.

First you pass through the area of the old gun-factory, which started in the 16th century. Then you follow a minor gravel road along fields, a sparse pine forest, a lake and some large oaks. When you’ve left the road you pass an abandoned mining area where several excavations mind of exploration for new sources of iron.

A nice resting place is at the ancient Mörtsjö ring wall where you have great views and can see e.g. the Strängnäs cathedral. This is a marked detour about 200 metres from the trail.

The second half of the track takes you through two unpopulated natural reserves with different characters.

There is a natural well with drinking water close to the end of the track. Harsjöhult is also a good area if you want to set up a tent.


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