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16:1. Åkers styckebruk - Harsjöhult, 11 km

Start: N 59°15.190'  E 017°05.672'.

This track connects to the main trail at the junction between track 16 and 17. From a start close to a modern settlement it runs to uninhabited areas in ’Åkers bergslag’; a forest area marked by previous cultivation, harvesting, cattle grazing, mining and charcoal-burning. The walk is relatively easy.

First you pass through the area of the old gun-factory, which started in the 16th century. Then you follow a minor gravel road along fields, a sparse pine forest, a lake and some large oaks. When you’ve left the road you pass an abandoned mining area where several excavations mind of exploration for new sources of iron.
The second half of the track takes you through two unpopulated natural reserves with different characters.

There is a natural well with drinking water close to the end of the track.


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