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16. Skottvångs gruva - Harsjöhult, 11 km

Start: N 59°10.936' E 017°08.112'. Parkering.
Skärmskydd: Skottvång - N 59°10.876' E 017°07.973' och Bredsjön - N 59°12.012' E 017°04.441'
Vatten: Kran vid Skottvång - N 59°10.944' E 017°08.009', källa efter 2 km - N 59°11.196' E 017°07.094', SO om Bredsjön - N 59°11.773' E 017°04.746' och vid Harsjöhult - N 59°12.190' E 017°02.167'

After 1,5 km there is a natural spring and a signpost for the nearby B&B of Lilla Vasskärr (see "Accommodation").
Continuing south from Lilla Vasskärr you will pass the remains of a small farmer´s house and an information sign.

After 4 km, easy and varied walk takes you to a pothole, which once was a holy well. If you throw a coin in the fountain, you are guaranteed eternal happiness and success. If you on the other hand pick up a coin from the spring this will bring you bad luck. On the winding pathways, you arrive at the next attraction, Älgsjöbackens mine from the 1600s which was closed as late as 1945. Look at the restored bit of the old railway embankment.

After a few more kilometres of hiking you will arrive at the lake Bredsjön and a timber lean-to shelter for the night. From here you can make a detour to Göksjön, about 2 km. 
From the shelter at Lake Bredsjön, you have about 2 km to the idyllic lake Älskaren (means Lover) Then you will pass an impressive boulder and the remains of another charcoal pile. You soon arrive at the section end at Harsjöhult where there is a natural spring.

At Skottvång is a mining museum.

Eastern Sörmlands Mining Association has erected a wood working barracks with 10 beds for overnight stay. Toilets, showers, saunas and hot water contained in "bybastun".

Please note that maps from Lantmäteriet, or maps based on these, may not be fully up-to-date when it comes to rerouting, etc.
The shelter on the eastern side of Lake Harsjön does no longer exist!


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