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15:1. Läggesta - Långaedet, section 15, 6 km

Start: Läggesta station - N 59°14.879' E 017°09.939'. Parking.

This is the alternate connection to section 15. You can choose to go either towards Skottvång mine or to Fredriksberg and Lake Klämmingen. 

The trail follows road 223 from Läggesta station, and turns right under the freeway after approx. 1 km. From there to the mill Ådals kvarn it is about 2 km of hiking in easy terrain. Above the mill pond at Ådal mill there are remnants of an old silver smithy.

You then follow the small river Laketorpsån south. It flows in sharp convolutions and lies deeply cut down under a canopy of trees. At Laketorp, you can rest in a pasture. This gets you into an old path, which from time immemorial has been the road to Mariefred of the forest people. The trail then steeps down towards the connection point of section 15, and you are on the main path of Sörmlandsleden. About 300 metres into section 15 (towards section 14), you will find a natural spring.

At Skottvång mine Eastern Sörmlands Mining Association has erected a wood worker barracks with 10 beds for overnight stay. Toilet, shower, sauna and hot water are available in a separate building. For reservations, call +46-158-322 11, +46-70-535 18 51, ask for Thelma Benedicks.


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