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14. Djupviksängen - Fredriksberg, road 223, 6,5 km

Start: N 59°09.352'   E 017°13.379'. No parking.Water: Natural spring shortly after the road to Lövvik - N 59°10.173' E 017°12.707'

The section is quite demanding, but you get good value for your efforts.

From Djupviksängen begins a strenuous climb up on Lövviksbergen, where you can enjoy a magnificent view of Lake Klämmingen and the farmland to the west. Klämmingen is almost 10 km long, and is part of one of the county's most significant rift valleys that also continue north of the lake system Marvikarna.

Soon you will reach Lövvik where an over-optimistic person in the 1600s started an iron industry. He had no access to ore of his own, and had to obtain raw material from Utö in the archipelago. He became an early victim of lack of knowledge about market economy.

The trail continues towards the long mountains Ulvsättersbergen. Here you can enjoy beautiful panoramic views and easy stroll through rocky forest mixed with botanically interesting areas with a rich flora and fauna. If you are quiet enough you may encounter the rich bird and wildlife. Here you can see and hear black grouse, capercaillie, common crane, black-throated diver and osprey.

A good place for camping is by Lake Glådran. The southwest side is the best, but the northeast side is also fine.

Alternative route/trail loop:

Shortly after passing the road to Lövvik you will find a beautiful alternative route through Björndalsbergens nature reserve. The trail passes a natural spring and then reaches the little pond Glådran where the trails meet. As a roundtrip to Lövviksvägen the trails form a loop of approximately 3,5 km. Drive from Laxne or Mariefred and turn into the gravel road towards Guldsmedsmora. The road runs along the waterfront of Lake Klämmingen. After about 4 km, where the trail crosses the road, parking is available.

Parking possibilities at the southern part of the section: Where the trail crosses the road to Lövviken there is room for 1-2 cars. Länsstyrelsen has a parking place at Road Gullsmedsmoravägen next to Lake Klämmingen. At the northern part there is room for a few cars at the section end.


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