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13:2 Nykvarn - Section 13, 17 km

Start: Nykvarn station - N 59°10.795'   E 17°25.746'. Parking.
Drinking water: Natural spring after approx. 16 km, 800 metres north of Lake Djupsjön - N 59°08.405'   E 17°18.859'

This section starts at Nykvarn train station and follows Holländarvägen Street, up to the paths through the old-growth forest down to Lake Yngern and the nice beach at Sandtorpsbadet (after around 6 km).

The trail continues southwards over Vargberget (Wolf Hill) with beautiful views all the way down to Nykvarn. Thereafter a few kilometres along a tarmac road, until you reach the beautiful Sjöslingan round trail along the shores of Lake Yngern, to the bridgeway between Lake Yngern and Lake Gullsmorasjön. You´ll find a nice rest area there. Now you´re in Gnesta County, on your way past a natural spring and to the end of this section near Lake Djupsjön. Sections 13:1 and 13:2 connect to the main trail there (section 13).



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