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11. Järna - Vattgruvan, 9 km

Start: N 59°05.808' E 017°33.761'. Parking at the train station, approx 600 metres from the trail, which starts at Road Rönnvägen on the other side of the rail.
Water: Spring 4 km west Järna - N 59°05.361 E 017°29.882'

The section goes trough hilly and varied forests but also on stretches of rocky terrain. The trail is of medium difficulty and passes areas rich in old mines. Many of the shafts are unprotected, so please be careful if you make detours from the path.

The trail passes the roundabout at Rönnvägen/Turingevägen and then turns to the right along the road for about 200 metres. It then turns to the left and passes the steep slopes towards a river with a rich flora. Large volumes of water once rushed through the river from Lake Yngaren to Lake Saltsjön. Slightly further down you pass another stream originating from Lake Ogan.

After about 100 metres the trail leaves the road and housing area and goes into a varied forest terrain. The hiking continues south of the valley Koppartorpsdalen. After passing a stream you arrive at the Sjuenda kronopark, a forest and mining area with more than 200 shafts. A natural water spring is found on the left, about 100 metres from the trail. Here is also room for a couple of tents. Shortly after, you arrive at the first mine, called Tunnelgruvan. It is followed by several mines where ore was mined from the 17th century until the end of the 19th century. A large boulder with a cave might offer protection in case of emergency.

The trail continues along a small road and then turns right over the hilly terrain. After passing a forest road you arrive at two cottage ruins. By the second cottage, Mellanbygget, is a good place for camping, but there is no water spring. The trail then goes south of the bog Långmossen, to the mine Vattgruvan. You can also camp just behind Vattgruvan.


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