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10. Tvetaberg - Järna, 12 km

Start: N 59°09.411' E 017°35.937'. Parking at Tveta chuch or at Tvetagården.
Shelter: Herrvreten - N 59°06.217' E 017°34.354'
Water: Spring at Herrvreten - N 59°06.280' E 017°34.465' and tap at Tveta Friluftsgård - N 59°09.433' E 017°35.875'

From Tvetaberg you reach section 10 by walking 500 m to the side road toward Lerhaga summer cottage area.

Close to the road is a winding stream where you may see dippers in winter. Here you also find the remains of Ålökvarn, an old water mill from the 12th century which was in use into the 20th century. At Ålö, there is well preserved timber cottage, most likely from the 18th century.   After the summer cottages, the trail leads up to the Aspdalsberget plateau, 83,6 high. Soon you arrive at the lakes Vaskasjöarna where the countryside is reminiscent of Norrland (the northern part of Sweden). A good resting area is found on a spit of land. The water, however, is unfit for bathing and drinking. Hundreds of gulls thrive here, as Södertälje’s municipal tip is located close by.

The trail continues through varied forest terrain and close to Järna we reach an old deserted cottage, Herrvreten. Here you find a shelter and 150 m north of this is a good water source.

After passing the berry-rich area around Lake Logsjön you reach Järna where you find commuter trains and buses.


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